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Jembe, the Journey Home

Are your secrets guardians? Or do they hold you captive? Come take the journey home.

jembe the journey home book cover Jembe the Journey Home is the first novel in the Kembrekki Trilogy by P.D. Casely-Hayford. The story explores how identity is redefined by our experiences with our cultural heritage as we re-imagine our personal history.

Jembe, the Journey Home focuses on Edward and Cecilia who attempt to resolve their relationship problems of deceit and indifference by taking a journey together to West Africa to see Edward's family. The story in a London apartment where Cecilia sits brooding after discovering a letter, which reveals the truth about Edward’s childhood. Cecilia resents Edward’s secrecy, blaming it for their problems. She persuades him to face his past by traveling with her back to West Africa to meet his family. Cecilia and Edward haphazardly venture through new worlds in search of Edward’s birthright. However, their journey is interrupted by a series of strange events and distractions as they encounter Ancestral Spirits that seemingly lead them on The Road to Kembrekki. Are your secrets guardians? Or do they hold you captive? Come take the journey home to Jembe. Purchase this book from the author. ... Click here.

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book cover gladys casely hayford biography
An African Treasure, in Search of Gladys Casely-Hayford, 1904 - 1950 traces the life of one of West Africa's first women writers to be published abroad. Author, Yema Lucilda Hunter was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa and now lives in Ghana, West Africa. Her novels include, Road to Freedom, Bittersweet and Redemption Song. ... Read more.

an african treasure galdys casely hayford
when freedom kissed her poetry book when freedom kissed her poetry When Freedom Kissed Her is title of a poetry book by P.D. Casely Hayford. This publication explores the lives of people living on the margins of society in urban areas, the experiences of traveling through West Africa, and the darker side of love. ... Read more.

Images of book covers, courtesy of P.D. Casely-Hayford; Mark Hunter: copyright P.D. Casely-Hayford; Mark Hunter
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